“I have been seeing Chris for a little while now. When I started seeing him for Bowen therapy I was to say the least in a desperate health senerio. I had been unwell and some days it was a struggle to get out of bed. Looking now just nearly a year later I am indebted to chris and at his teams treatments!!! It no longer a struggle to get out of bed!! His care compassion and understanding of how the body works meant he could treat me so I could get out to live optimally. on witnessing this my husband ‘who was the biggest sceptic’ and having a sore back and side started treatment and now is converted having regular treatments to assist him to live and move freely. 

With all this our son also started treatment as he was having sore feet and trouble running (he would shuffle not run) a result of quick growth, through Chris’s treatment and holistic approach incorporated in stretching, our son’s pain lessened he became more flexible resulting in being able to comfortably more active, not only improving his pain as a by product increasing self confidence and therefore increasing a positive self. We totally could not recommend Chris enough Thank You Chris”

Natalie and Family

“After attempting to run a marathon after 2 months of intensive training, I ended up with shin splints. I saw a sports massage therapist, remedial massage therapists, a chiropractor and a podiatrist. For years I just got by rubbing my sore legs and feet when as necessary but nothing really worked. I saw Chris once for a session of Bowen and that night I walked the city flat in flip flops! I’ve had a couple of top up treatments since but I’ve essentially been pain free for over a year now (sorry it’s taken this long to write this review). He has also helped immensely with our newborn who seems a completely different child these days – much more relaxed, feeding better and sleeping better.

I cannot more highly recommend Chris and his team at Geelong Bowen & Remedial Therapies] for a gentle, non-invasive and effective treatment suitable for all ages and ailments”.


“After suffering lower back & hip problems for many years , thankfully I found Chris Reed of Geelong Bowen & Remedial Therapies who after only two treatments resolved my problems.
Based on my success I would certainly recommend Chris to anyone who has similar problems”

Shirley, Highton

“2 years ago Chris helped me with Bowen techniques to gain mobility in my knee. Recently he has been using Bowen to treat a very sore lower back and upper leg problem with great relief. I do appreciate the fact he has been willing to travel from Geelong to Colac for these treatments and can highly recommend, his dedication, care and treatment”

Isabella, Colac

“I suffered a leg injury and couldn’t walk at all 5 years ago, I was ordered a cortisone injection; with no relief. Had 3 Bowen treatments with Chris and no further complications at all. Chris has a kind, caring professional attitude to his clients and gives of his best; and we have recommended him to many of our friends.”


“I had a low back disc bulge which has slowly resolved and told by different practitioners that I have rotated hips. For over one year I have not  been able to lie flat on my back due to sciatic pain and had restless nights. Chris was recommended to me and after my first treatment I can now lie flat on my back with no pain or tingling down my leg. I still can’t believe it! A fantastic result! I highly recommend seeing Chris for treatment and am so grateful for his time, knowledge and holistic approach.

Paula, Barwon Downs

I first met Chris at my BNI group and I became curious about Bowen therapy. As a person who works long hours in front of a computer, and tends to have a lot on the go at once, I wondered if he would be able to help me with issues in my neck and shoulders. I have tried numerous therapies and some did nothing, others hurt a lot. I was totally amazed at the difference after just one treatment. I wasn’t totally fixed, but the improvement was tangible. Just a couple of treatments later and my neck issues were resolved and then I mentioned issues I had in my left arm.

Chris spent a lot of time researching the best possible therapy for me. I was really impressed at just how much he genuinely cares and wants to help. We decided to try dry needling which I was a little worried about at first, but Chris soon put me at ease and this time within 24 hours my arm was improved around 85%. I could not believe that a nagging long term pain which I had just learned to live with could be improved so easily. Another treatment and I have not had the issue return.

My trust in Chris is implicit. He is honest and caring and discusses treatments and options and doesn’t make over the top promises, in fact if anything he may be a little too humble about the power of Bowen and associated therapies.

Several members of my family now attend Chris’ rooms, including my sister in law who has suffered long term headaches and issues in her neck following an injury in her teens and then radiation therapy for cancer in her neck and nose. She has been delighted in the difference Bowen has made to her daily life.

If you haven’t tried Bowen, I do recommend that you talk to Chris so that he can advise you on which treatments may be suitable for you.

Thank you Chris for your dedication and expertise in the field of Bowen therapy.

Fiona Lucas

I highly recommend Kerrie Smith the Bowen Therapist from Geelong Bowen Therapy. I presented to Kerrie with a frozen shoulder. It had been this way for just over 12 months. In that time, I had been told that resting the shoulder was the only way it would heal. After 3 sessions with Kerrie and doing the exercises Kerrie assigned me to do over that period, my shoulder has now re-gained full mobility/flexibility! Kerrie was kind, courteous and very professional in all of my dealings with her. I cannot believe what a difference Kerrie has made to my everyday quality of life.

Wendy Maddock

I started a treatment plan with Kerrie regarding a long term issue with my shoulders that was not responding to other treatments. Bowen has reduced the pain i was experiencing and given me much better range of motion and mobility. Through my treatments Kerrie also picked up an injury that i had from 40 years ago which i thought i had just learnt to live with, however, through treatment with Kerrie i am now pain free and able to go about my day to day activity without being impacted by this long term discomfort. Kerrie is very professional, discreet, courteous and caring. She is flexible with appointments and available in a crisis. I highly recommend Bowen treatment for restoring your health and well being and addressing any issues you may be experiencing

Wendy Maddock