Buteyko Breathing Technique

The Buteyko method

The Buteyko method is named after its founder Doctor Konstantin Buteyko. It is the most effective drug-free approach for the management of asthma and other breathing related problems.

It can be practiced by both adults and children, and gives quick and consistent results.

The Buteyko method is neither a medical treatment nor procedure.

It does not involve any medication, homeopathy or herbs. It is series of lectures related to breathing which enables people to understand a concept of ‘normal breathing’ or breathing according to physiological norms. It contains simple breathing techniques and logical instructions to follow. It also gives the means of controlling breathing parameters without any technical appliances.

Buteyko method brings the physiological parameters of the body to the norm.

It can be easily incorporated into the daily life of any contemporary person. It does not require you to interrupt your everyday activities to perform any sophisticated procedures similar to yogi’s ‘asana’. You can use the concept of the method at any time in any situation.

The success of the Buteyko method in the treatment of asthma is backed by hard scientific data.

Clinical trials funded by the Australian Association of Asthma Foundations in 1994 at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane demonstrated that asthmatics were able to reduce their symptomatic medication intake by 90% and their steroid medication by 30%. This reduction in medication was accompanied by improvements in their general health and quality of life.

Do you have a constantly blocked nose, snore the roof off or wake yourself up regularly during the night?

Would you like to sleep better, feel more rested, stay in the same bed as your partner, reduce stress and worry?

Then maybe Buteyko breathing is for you.

It may

Reduce problems like asthma, snoring, sleep apnoea and hay fever

by using NATURAL breath retraining


So you can

– sleep better for longer
– have more energy 
– and lessen the effects of asthma and hay fever

Wake up feeling alive.

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